The Story of Calligrapher

To encourage my boyfriend to learn Mandarin after he binge-watched a Chinese drama, I decided to code this tool for him.

Calligrapher generates printer and tablet-friendly PDF worksheets to aid writing Chinese characters much like the worksheets that I used in elementary school. However, instead of having only traceable characters, Calligrapher gives customizable lexical context.

With Calligrapher, your worksheets are labelled with pronunciations, radicals, stroke orders, as well as individual character translations. There are also different fonts to choose from, providing advanced Chinese learners with a template to improve cursive Chinese calligraphy.

The development is still under way, but I wanted to give all Chinese language learners a sneak peak of this nifty tool.

More features are currently in the making. To accomodate the spaced repetition learning technique, flashcards with animated stroke orders and voice pronunciations as well as quizzes based on past user text input will soon be available.

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